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Made For Keto Disclaimer

A common question I get asked about my website is ‘how do you make money when you’re providing free content?’ So I’m creating this page to explain how this website is funded.

As the owner, operator, support person and blogger here (ie Jill of all trades…) I’ve got lots to do, lots to learn, plenty to plan and plenty to pay for, but because it’s just me, the financial constraints are real and the truth is that I don’t have loads of spare cash to put into creating and maintaining this website.

However I love what I’m doing here and my goal is to create a space where I can share my experiences and information with others who are looking for what I have to share, to help those who need it, and I want to do that with integrity, honesty and transparency.

So speaking of transparency, let’s take a look at how this website is funded.

Products (maybe in the future…)

At the time of writing I don’t have any of my own products for sale, but in the future I may create paid products that will allow me to provide more focused assistance to those who need or want it.

Affiliate Marketing

I’m an affiliate for Amazon and a few other companies which means I have a sort of a partnership with them and they basically pay me if I refer customers. (See my disclosure statement below).

You may come across links to some of those companies in my articles or newsletter, or you may see banner ads on my website. If you click on those links or banners, and ultimately end up buying something from one of those companies, I may receive a commission for referring you to them as a way of them saying ‘thank you’ for referring you.

This doesn’t add any cost onto the product you’re buying so there’s not extra cost to you. And in fact sometimes it may even save you money if I have a coupon code or discount code to provide you.

Most affiliate commissions are a percentage of the sale and so may vary from a few cents to a few dollars or more depending on the company and the total sale.

Here’s my official disclosure statement:

Disclosure Statement – ‘Made For Keto’ is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and various other affiliate programs. An affiliate advertising program is designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and/or to products or other websites that the owner of this site has an affiliate agreement with. Please be aware that when you purchase a product via a link from this site, the site owner may be paid a commission on the sale of that product.


Businesses with products that are relevant to the Keto lifestyle may also pay for advertising space on my site.

A Final Word

I hope this clarifies things. I really appreciate my readers and I love that you’re here taking an interest. If you have any questions, hit me up via my contact page.